Dating advertiment

31-Jan-2018 18:57

2 of the German Drug Advertising Act, which applies to the advertising for medical devices.

According to this provision, it is not admissible to refer to an article in a professional journal without mentioning the date of the publication.

Information about the respective articles could only be found on the last page of the brochure.

In this regard, the claimant argued a violation of Section 6 no.

Products are segmented into groups based upon unit sales or some other criterion.

Rather, it would be obligatory that the information can be found easily, at least by an asterisk reference. 2 German Drug Advertising Act were the same as the requirements for the advertising with results of a product test.Simplified heuristics (e.g., number of years without a profit) may be substituted for this criterion. Term used to describe when customers shop online, but fail to complete a purchase.

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