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Later, he was named the national Buddhist Master of Khitan by the king.Some of his translations were engraved into stone tablets and can be seen today.Master Du said usually a Buddhist master could feel it when he is about to pass away.He would then tell his disciples if he would like his body to be cremated or preserved.He travelled to the Kingdom of Khitan (916-1125) in north-east part of modern China near the Korean Peninsula to spread Buddhist philosophy.He is said to have translated 10 major Sutras into Chinese characters.

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But, since the rationale for abortion in Jewish law is based on the fetus being a pursuer of the mother, a life-threatening situation for another adult would not justify our killing a fetus, since the fetus does not threaten the life of anyone except the mother.

After Master Ci Xian passed away, his disciples had his body preserved but it later went lost over the years.