Desi men and dating

07-Dec-2017 09:29

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A buddy of mine just did one and describes it as: "Utterly amazing! What a ride." Now I've never been attracted to black women, but it got me wondering if i'm missing something. He is not so traditional and was born in the usa and he actually acts more "black" than i do which is weird.

To Anonymous, the stereotype of black women being good in bed cannot apply to all.

In the Phillipines the darker you are implies you come from a working class, rice field family.

This is considered "bad." Eur Asian women are given better jobs, higher pay and become big movie stars.

I am merely a kind girl and i am the type that never thinks much about herself, but i never forget about respect. (oh and sorry i think I talked too much..really sorry).

byes141928560 #17803By Nomi on Friday, March 10, 2006 - am Kim, you sound like a true embarassment to the black community and the black race and your "not so black" west indian carribbean race.

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It won’t be me however I don’t mean to generalize but most women will give you a reason or reasons between the above mentioned ones as to their experiences with a desi guy.I have women friends from all over the world - my Thai friend uses face cream to reduce tanning, in Japan the highest selling face creams are those that fade the skin, in India the caste system raises up women who are lighter skinned and pushes down dark women (considered to be lower caste).

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