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It allows any file type of up to 5GB in size to be uploaded.

Files are available publicly and anyone can browse the file database at File Dropper.

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Your options are Index Properties Only, or additionally, index the file contents. Once again seek the Advanced button from the front page of the Window 8.1 Indexing Options, but this time stay on the Index Settings tab, to change the position of the index file itself, now click on 'New Location'.

at other locations then click on the 'Modify' button and tweak the Windows 8.1 Indexer's to-do list.

An alternative strategy is to add more locations to your 'Libraries,' as your library locations are indexed by default.

However, investigating how indexing works works on your system may not only speed up file search, it may resolve the question: Is indexing really slowing down my computer?

MORE: How To Index Files In Windows 10 To Speed Up Searches MORE: Windows 10 How Tos To open up Indexing Options, press the Win Key w, type 'index' in the search and you will see the 'Indexing Options' icon.

Files are stored for as long as they are being downloaded.