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Then under the REGION/ACCOUNT header Change the game account to your "PTR: [Current/next expansion]" It should be the top one.After that, you simply wait for it to finish the download, and play from there just by swtiching which account you are using. Authoritative answers can be found from: 177.132.209.nameserver = ns3. This is in different to Forward DNS, Mining which are configured with A records (Address Records). XX#53 Non-authoritative answer: name = Reverse DNS is setup by configuring PTR records (Pointer Records) on your DNS server.EG 0.2 = 3.2 PTR 0.3.0 = 3.3 PTR 0.3.3 = 3.3.3 PTR 0.3.5 = 3.3.5 PTR It will also have a build number as well at the end. This can also assist you in understanding what each patch updater is going to do.EG Wo W- will update the 3.3 PTR to the 3.5 PTR Running the PTR is now as simple as openinig the launcher choosing the PTR: [current/next expansion] account under the REGION/ACCOUNT and clicking PLAY Please note that you must use the password you had when the PTR activated.Updating the PTR is now done automatically by the launcher, you no longer even have to push a button, if you've installed the PTR before all updates will download and install for you when they are released.

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To use premades, you must have updated your account to the latest version of the game at least 6 weeks before the PTR opened!Linux users should probably download the Windows version to run via Wine (Please confirm this works).To locate the PTR install button, open the launcher, click on the "World of Warcraft" tab.Now that your character is hopefully in the process of getting copied over to the test server that you selected, it's time to download the PTR.

The download process has been updated now to use the launcher as well.You would simply send them what Hostname resolves to what IP, and they would setup the PTR records.