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Sanzo will seal the power of the Guardians with a white staff given by Lady Kannon.On the way, Sanzo meets up with the Monkey God Goku.Each time you reach a new Were level, one of your Were in your party may or maynot gain a new skill.When you start a battle, you'll notice a number of notches on the top of the screen. You can only have one Were on the battle field at one time. Each time your Were uses a special attack, he will then lose more points, until he is depleted of his points completely, and this is when he turns back into the character.That means a bunch of useless characters you won't be using.What makes matters a little easier I guess, is after these characters get their initial storyline arch, and then finally join your party, they become worthless background characters.Just like Were's, once he uses up his Summon turns, it's over for the rest of that match.You can buy equipment and items at towns with stores in them. Every character has one weapon and they stick with it until the end, but you can visit a Blacksmith and he can level up each characters weapon for a price. You also buy skills for each character at shops too. They can swap them in and out when you're at a menu screen.

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The second chapter is where you fight a ton of random things, not much storyline wise and the last couple chapters felt rushed.

Goku is a rude and violent god that fought Buddah 500 years in the past and lost.