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17-Oct-2017 11:47

They were approached by psychologists at three US universities searching for a way to switch the apparent gender of volunteers talking to each other through video conference software.At that point not even Hollywood studios had access to such technology.Get ready, Messenger users: Facebook's popular app is about to get a whole lot more in your face.Facebook announced on Monday a new i OS and Android update for Messenger that brings the ability to video chat other users.Psychologists at the universities of Notre Dame, Indiana; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Virginia have already used the new software to test ideas about body language and gender.Volunteers were asked to chat to one another in a video conference, but did not know if the face they saw was really that of the person they were talking with – or indeed if the other volunteer was seeing their own true face.

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To complete the effect, a person’s voice can be manipulated to match their new face.The results will soon be published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.Next, the team plans to use the system to test the effects of changing someone’s race instead of their gender.Changing someone’s gender or race on screen traditionally requires lengthy hours in front of a make-up mirror.

But new software that can take a live video feed of a person talking and make them look and sound like somebody else could change that.Once trained on a person in this way, it can closely track every move of their face in video footage.