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For example, you can use the camera for home surveillance, as a security camera in offices, in vacation homes, for watching over elderly relatives, babies and children - as a baby monitor - and also for watching over your pets.Installing the Smarfrog App and IP camera for video surveillance can lead to improved home security, protection against burglary and break-in prevention.This hot air meets the cooler air descending from the mountains and the clash causes condensation.This condensation, plus the updrafts created by the additional moisture evaporating from the lake itself, creates the perfect recipe for the formation of thunderstorms.When air moisture is high, the minuscule airborne droplets of water act as a prism to scatter light and cause the lightning to become stunning explosions of brilliant red, pink, orange, and purple.When the air is dry, the lightning becomes crackling shocks of stark white in the absence of the prism effect.Here, in one, tiny, swampy corner of Venezuela the storm beast makes its lair, and produces the most breathtaking spectacle of a natural light show on earth.or Catatumbo lightning, and it only occurs in one very defined area of Venezuela, at the mouth of the Catatumbo River where it empties into Lake Maracaibo, in the state of Zulia.

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Video history includes cloud storage and access to the last 24 hours of your recorded videos. Smartfrog’s complete solution, including the Smartfrog App, HD camera and cloud video storage, has a wide range of uses.This natural display of spectral beauty has its share of mysteries.For all of its majestic beauty and terrifying power, it has long been unclear as to what actually causes this ongoing storm to become so amped up and only in one small, well defined area.Here, the lightning almost never stops and it is startling in its intensity.

For between 200 and 300 days a year, the storm produces an average of 28 strikes of lightning per minute for up to 10 hours at a time, sometimes unleashing up to 3,600 bolts of lightning per hour, or roughly one per second during particularly explosive displays, culminating in upwards of 40,000 lightning strikes a night.This lightning is not only produced in excessively large amounts, but is also remarkably powerful, with each bolt ranging from between 100,000 to 400,000 amps, far beyond the norm.