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Miranda was raised in a strict evangelical household, before rejecting the religious dogma that effectively rejected queer kids like herself; she originally wrote the bittersweet, drum-machined lullaby "Pelican Rapids" for the It Gets Better campaign, as a retroactive note of assurance to her teenage closeted self.But when it comes to expressing her distrust of ecclesiastical institutions, Miranda doesn't feel the need to belabor the point; she'd rather appropriate religion's fundamental tenet—the belief in and yearning for something greater than yourself—for secular songs of devotion, and infuse them with the gravitas of modern-day hymns.But she is occasionally guilty of forcing her hand.The moonlit elegy "Desert Call"—an elaborate reworking of a stripped-down 2013 single recorded with Sitek—boasts the album’s most dramatic, chandelier-rattling performance, but the extended closing chorus of "hallelujah" oversells the weightiness of a song that’s already done much to establish itself as this album’s epic centerpiece.She has also purchased transgender roles, auditioning for the part of Brandon Teena in Boys Don’t Cry, and playing Cheryl Avery, a Young transgender woman in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode “Fallacy”.In 2006, Katherine made her Off-Broadway debut as “American Girl”, opposite Lee Pace, in Guardians, by Peter Morris and the story is loosely based on that of Lynndie England.She designed a limited edition pair of boots for the brand. In 2007, the Hetrick-Martin Institute produced the documentary My Address: A Look At Gay Youth Homelessness in cooperation with Moening. Miranda Foster in the series Three Rivers from 2009 to 2010.

The story of Holly Miranda, however, betrays the benefits of just letting things happen in due time.

But her musical output slowed to a trickle, as a crippling bout of writer’s block sent her fleeing from her L. home in 2012 to a place that has come to signify rock'n'roll canonization and immortalization: Joshua Tree.