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06-Jul-2017 21:34

Because Denise and I knew Neil Sedaka a bit socially (and he lived around the corner), I felt he was the logical person to write the music.

Sedaka’s melodic gifts and pop music bonafides are prodigious and part of our collective memories, having composed the melodies to so many hits, like “Solitaire,” “Love Will Keep Us Together,” “The Hungry Years,” “Laughter in the Rain,” “Where the Boys Are,” “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” among many others. Sedaka agreed and wrote the music almost note for note as it is heard in the final recording.

I like old people because they are professional, know what they’re doing, and tell great stories.

But back to my happy Christmas story: Denise Rich was a writer, certainly not an artist, and not a record producer (the other way to get on a record more easily).